How to Change User Role “Manage Teams”

If you want to change the roles of the members of the team groups you have, you can usually use the Teams Admin Panel.

Manage Team Settings

In cases where there are too many members in the group you want to change roles, it may not be efficient to do this from the management console, or you may not see the action taken.

The next thing to do is to use Teams Powershell commands.

First of all, we use the get-team cmdlet to see the properties of the group.

Get-Team -DisplayName "Group Name"

We need to use the Get-TeamUser cmdlet to view the members of the group, but it needs “GroupId” information to use it.

Get-Team -DisplayName "Group Name" | select GroupID

Get-TeamUser -GroupId "419XXX-XXfc-XX6-bXX9-XXXX2ae8a"

We need to use the Add-TeamUser or Remove-TeamUser cmdlet to change roles.

Add-TeamUser -GroupId "419XXX-XXfc-XX6-bXX9-XXXX2ae8a" -User -Role Owner


Remove-TeamUser -GroupId "419XXX-XXfc-XX6-bXX9-XXXX2ae8a" -User -Role Owner


Have a nice day !