Basic Authentication Deprecation Reminder and Final Update in Exchange Online

Starting October 1, Microsoft will begin to randomize tenants and disable basic authentication access for MAPI, RPC, Offline Address Book (OAB), Exchange Web Services (EWS), POP, IMAP, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), and Remote PowerShell.
As you know, SMTP AUTH will not be affected by the changes made.

On the day of the change, Microsoft will notify each tenant through the Service Status Dashboard.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

If you’re not ready to make these changes, You can do a One-Time Re-Enablement one last time as decided by Microsoft.

For all the details; Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update


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Exchange Recipient Type Values

I don’t know where and when this information will be useful to you, but I needed these values in a few problems I had, maybe you will need them one day.

There are three critical recipient values used by Exchange Server;

  • msExchRecipientDisplayType
  • msExchRecipientTypeDetails
  • msExchRemoteRecipientType

There is the only supported way to change these values is using the Exchange Admin Center or using the Exchange Management Shell.

msExchRecipientDisplayType Value (Decimal)
MailboxUser 0
DistributionGroup 1
PublicFolder 2
DynamicDistributionGroup 3
Organization 4
PrivateDistributionList 5
RemoteMailUser 6
ConferenceRoomMailbox 7
EquipmentMailbox 8
ArbitrationMailbox 10
MailboxPlan 11
LinkedUser 12
RoomList 15
SyncedMailboxUser -2147483642
SyncedPublicFolder -2147483130
SyncedDynamicDistributionGroup -2147482874
SyncedRemoteMailUser -2147482106
SyncedConferenceRoomMailbox -2147481850
SyncedEquipmentMailbox -2147481594
SecurityDistributionGroup 1043741833
RBAC Role Group 1073741824
msExchRecipientTypeDetails Value (Decimal)
UserMailbox 1
LinkedMailbox 2
SharedMailbox 4
LegacyMailbox 8
RoomMailbox 16
EquipmentMailbox 32
MailContact 64
MailUser 128
MailUniversalDistributionGroup 256
MailNonUniversalGroup 512
MailUniversalSecurityGroup 1024
DynamicDistributionGroup 2048
PublicFolder 4096
SystemAttendantMailbox 8192
SystemMailbox 16384
MailForestContact 32768
User 65536
Contact 131072
UniversalDistributionGroup 262144
UniversalSecurityGroup 524288
NonUniversalGroup 1048576
Disable User 2097152
MicrosoftExchange 4194304
ArbitrationMailbox 8388608
MailboxPlan 16777216
LinkedUser 33554432
RoomList 268435456
DiscoveryMailbox 536870912
RoleGroup 1073741824
RemoteUserMailbox 2147483648
RemoteRoomMailbox 8589934592
RemoteEquipmentMailbox 17179869184
RemoteSharedMailbox 34359738368
PublicFolderMailbox 68719476736
Team Mailbox 137438953472
RemoteTeamMailbox 274877906944
MonitoringMailbox 549755813888
GroupMailbox 1099511627776
LinkedRoomMailbox 2199023255552
AuditLogMailbox 4398046511104
RemoteGroupMailbox 8796093022208
SchedulingMailbox 17592186044416
GuestMailUser 35184372088832
AuxAuditLogMailbox 70368744177664
SupervisoryReviewPolicyMailbox 140737488355328
msExchRemoteRecipientType Value (Decimal)
ProvisionedMailbox (Cloud Mailbox) 1
ProvisionedArchive (Cloud Archive) 2
ProvisionedMailbox, ProvisionedArchive (Cloud Mailbox & Cloud Archive) 3
Migrated 4
Migrated, ProvisionedArchive (Migrated Mailbox & Cloud Archive) 6
DeprovisionMailbox 8
ProvisionArchive, DeprovisionMailbox 10
DeprovisionArchive 16
ProvisionMailbox, DeprovisionArchive 17
DeprovisionArchive, Migrated 20
ProvisionMailbox, Migrated, DeprovisionArchive 21
DeprovisionMailbox, DeprovisionArchive 24
RoomMailbox 32
ProvisionMailbox, RoomMailbox 33
ProvisionMailbox, ProvisionArchive, RoomMailbox 35
Migrated, RoomMailbox 36
ProvisionArchive, Migrated, RoomMailbox 38
ProvisionMailbox, DeprovisionArchive, RoomMailbox 49
Migrated, DeprovisionArchive, RoomMailbox 52
EquipmentMailbox 64
ProvisionMailbox, EquipmentMailbox 65
ProvisionMailbox, ProvisionArchive, EquipmentMailbox 67
Migrated, EquipmentMailbox 68
ProvisionArchive, Migrated, EquipmentMailbox 70
ProvisionMailbox, DeprovisionArchive, EquipmentMailbox 81
Migrated, DeprovisionArchive, EquipmentMailbox 84
SharedMailbox 96
ProvisionMailbox, SharedMailbox 97
Migrated, SharedMailbox 100
ProvisionArchive, Migrated, SharedMailbox 102
Migrated, DeprovisionArchive, SharedMailbox 116

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Office 365 Mailbox Not Showing In On-Premises Exchange Server

If you create your user’s mailbox directly from the Office 365 management console, you will not be able to see the newly created mailbox on your On-Premises Exchange server.

The recommended method is to create the mailbox on the On-Premises Exchange server.

In order to solve the problem of the mailbox created directly on Office365 not appearing on Hybrid Exchange in our scenario above, you should run the following commands on the On-Premises Exchange according to the mailbox you are having trouble with.

$uid = read-host "Please enter username"
$mailnick = read-host "Please enter username"
$tempmail = $uid+""
$primarymail = $mailnick+""

Set-ADUser $uid -Clear homemdb, homemta, msExchHomeServerName, msExchPoliciesExcluded
Set-ADUser $uid -Add @{msExchRemoteRecipientType="4"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Add @{mailNickname="$mailnick"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Add @{msExchProvisioningFlags="0"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Add @{msExchModerationFlags="6"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Add @{msExchAddressBookFlags="1"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Replace @{targetaddress="$tempmail"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Replace @{msExchRecipientDisplayType="-2147483642"}
Set-ADUser $uid -Replace @{msExchRecipientTypeDetails="2147483648"}
Set-RemoteMailbox $uid -PrimarySMTPAddress $primarymail

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