How to Install HPE Oneview Global Dashboard ?

I will briefly explain how to install HPE Oneview Global Dashboard, what this application does, and what conveniences it provides.


What is the HPE Oneview Global Dashboard?

HPE Oneview Global Dashboard helps us manage your HPE servers centrally.

With this appliance, you provide warnings, health notifications, and management of your essential resources, along with a unified view.

You can centrally manage the following hardware with “HPE Oneview Global Dashboard”

HPE BladeSystem C7000
HPE ProLiant Servers
HPE Synergy
HPE BladeSystem
HPE Apollo
HPE Alletra
HPE Primera
HPE Superdome
HPE Superdome Flex Systems

HPE Global Dashboard is updated instantly. It is a free product. It facilitates centralized management.

If any of your hardware has warnings, errors, etc.; Updates and accurately display resource changes as soon as they happen.

By integrating with LDAP into your domain environment, you can give user privileges as you wish.

HPE OneView Global Dashboard allows you to manage up to 75 HPE OneView or HPE Synergy instances and 20,000 servers across data centers.

If you use HPE products extensively in your infrastructure, you should definitely use the “HPE Oneview Global Dashboard” centralized management tool.


Global Dashboard Installation

HPE Oneview Global Dashboard is an appliance application. Therefore, for this you need to install a VM (Virtual Machine) by downloading the ova, ovf template on the page.
You can install it on Hyper-V and Vmware. You can download.

After your download is complete, we install the OVF file on our Vmware ESX host. After we say Register VM, we say deploy, then we deploy the ova file we have downloaded.

The appliance will start to be installed on the Global Dashboard starting screen.

Then a user agreement will appear in front of you. You will accept this and continue

The HPE Oneview Global Dashboard default username and password on the first login are as follows.

Global Dashboard User: Administrator
Global Dashboard Password: admin

You can then change the password.

After making the hostname and network settings, you can access the product via the internet browser.

If you have Oneview in your environment, you can add it from Appliances. After adding, you can view all the information, health status and alarms of your devices.

In its simplest form, installation and summary of the product.

Have a nice day !