Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – News !

As you know, the “Basic Authentication” configuration was turned off last month.
Organizations using Exchange Online are now protected from the vulnerabilities of legacy authentication.

However, this closure process will continue On December 31, 2022, with exemptions.

Microsoft says ;
Once Basic auth for Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync and Exchange Web Services has been permanently disabled in your tenant, there’s really no reason to keep Autodiscover enabled for Basic auth. So, we’re turning off Autodiscover next.

For more details ; Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – What’s Next

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October 2022 Exchange Server Security Updates

Microsoft Exchange Servers security updates have been released for October 2022.

These updates are available for the following specific versions of Exchange Server:

Exchange Server 2013 CU23
Exchange Server 2016 CU22 and CU23
Exchange Server 2019 CU11 and CU12

The recommendation is to install these updates immediately to protect your environment.
In the scenario where you do a Cumulative Update(CU), you need to make security updates. Otherwise, remember that you have to do the Cumulative Update(CU) first and then the Security Update(SU).

The following update paths are available:


These vulnerabilities only affect Exchange Server.
Exchange Online customers are already protected from the vulnerabilities addressed.

Note: Don't double-click the 'MSP file' to run it. Run Command Prompt (not Powershell) as an Administrator.


Additional Action Require!

As you know, we were doing /PrepareSchema and /PrepareAD operations before CU operations.
There is a new difference in the updates released in May.

The following actions should be taken in addition to the application of May 2022 security updates:

After doing cumulative update and security update then run the following Command Prompt command once using Setup.exe in your Exchange Server installation path "\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v15\Bin"

"Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /P"

Microsoft says that the step is necessary “because of additional security hardening work for CVE-2022-21978,” which is one of the vulnerabilities addressed by the updates.

When running a Database Availability Group, do not forget to put the Exchange Server Cluster(DAG) in maintenance mode.


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